Enough of the iPad, time to use a proper computer to load photos to my website

Written by Gary on November 4th, 2010

Well, seems as though the iPad did manage to backup the original camera files (although not the camera jpegs if a RAW file was captured as well), and presumably with some perseverance, one should be able to use My Computer to copy these files back to your computer once you get home from your holiday.

But as there is no way using the iPad to add photos to your native JAlbum photo album hosted on your own website as I do, I had to wait until I got back home to my Windows PC to upload my photos to my website album.

Bottom line, the current iPad is a nightmare for the traveler – take a proper computer with you if you want to manage your photos or browse the web or webmail.

Enough of the iPad.

My first destination in Europe was rural Italy near Cassino.

I just loved this time, it was relaxing, stress free, living with some awesome friendly people and this was La Dolce Vita as I imagine it – relaxing, great food, wine, no internet (although I did later buy a MicroSim for the iPad from WIND which surprisingly even provided good wireless internet even there and was quite cheap), and great company.

Panasonic GH-1 micro four thirds camera with Lumix 14-140mm 10x zoom lens – my main walkaround kit and despite the 10x zoom, the bokeh is not too bad:

Autumn grapes in rural Italy

Some of my photos of Italy have been uploaded to this album.


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