Europe holiday – Denmark part VI – the fantastic art galleries

Written by Gary on November 10th, 2010

I must admit, I loved walking through Copenhagen’s art galleries, particularly as they allow you to remember your experiences by taking photos (unlike those in Amsterdam and Canberra whose paintings I have now largely forgotten), and encourage others to visit.

Denmark’s national gallery is the Statens Museum for Kunst (Kunst is Danish for art):


Michael Kvium’s “Choir”:


the delightful “Artist’s wife and child”:

wife and child

So many more goodies from this gallery can be seen in my album here.

Next is the Glyptotek which is primarily statues from Ancient Roman and Greek era such as these ones displayed in this very nice auditorium in which classical music artists play to a silent audience:


If you happened to have become bored with Roman and Greek statues after being in Rome or the Louvre, then there is still something else rather special – four beautifully crafted rooms with the most awesome marble sculptures by Stephan Sinding, Rodin, and others, such as this beautiful piece titled “Love” made in 1909 by Stephan Sinding:


and “Death of a maiden” made in 1912 by Elna Borch:

Death of a maiden

and finally, there are a couple of floors of paintings by French Impressionists, plus, a collection of Degas sculptures and figurines.

For a taste of what you can experience in this enormous collection, see my album here.

Next we have the collection of works held in the Hirschsprung Gallery such as “Nude woman doing her hair before a mirror” by Eckersberg in 1841:

Nude woman

and one of my favorites, Kroyer’s 1882 “When there is no fishing”:

No fishing

More from this art gallery can be seen in my album here.

Finally, one should not miss Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen – it not only contains gems such as this 1667 nude painting of Denmark’s Queen Sophie Amalie with Juno:

Queen Sophie Amalie

some wonderful tapestries, lots of Royal artefacts, and the Treasury displays the Royal jewels including these crowns with incredibly large rubies and sapphires:

Queen Sophie Amalie

More of these from Rosenborg Castle can be seen in my album here.

All of the indoor photos from these art galleries and castles were taken with the Panasonic GH-1 Micro Four Thirds camera with Leica-D 25mm f/1.4 without flash.


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