Now its Victoria’s turn for 100 year floods

Written by Gary on January 16th, 2011

Queensland’s floods are subsiding and the clean up  has started in Brisbane. To date 17 have died and a further 21 still missing and likely to have died.

An incredible 700,000 square kilometres of Queensland has been declared a disaster zone, with substantial inundation damage, severe infrastructure damage, shortage of fresh food or drinkable water, and many thousands still without basic amenities of power, sewerage.

What is worse, there is still 2 months of their wet season to go and La Nina will threaten more floods.

La Nina has now sent NSW, Victoria and Tasmania unseasonally heavy rains which in the north-western plains of Victoria has resulted in current flood disaster with over 40 towns affected, many with record flood levels or at least the highest in 100 years, and still the flood waters threaten towns as it flows towards the Murray River.

This flood appears to be likely to be Victoria’s worst flood disaster on record and comes only months after many of the towns were flooded in September.

La Nina has also produced major rainfall event in Sri Lanka which has had its annual rainfall in the past week, and drought to Argentina.

A major flood event that is not caused by La Nina has killed over 500 in Brazil, largely from resulting mudslides.


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