Cairns advised to evacuate as massive Cyclone Yasi builds strength and likely to cause severe local damage, and widespread flooding down to flood-stricken Victoria

Written by Gary on February 1st, 2011

Areas of Victoria’s north west are still on major flood alerts as flood waters slowly pass down the Murray River region near Swan Hill at 2km per day.

Queensland is recovering from their recent once in a hundred year floods and it is still raining courtesy of the recent small cyclone which has now become a monsoonal depression over inland Queensland.

Now northern Queensland is bracing itself for a 700km diameter monster cyclone – Cyclone Yasi – almost as big as Queensland itself, and expected to be twice as large as the last devasting cyclone, Cyclone Larry, which hit in March 2006 as a category 4 cyclone, the most powerful to cross the Qld coastline in a century. The areas most likely to be hit hardest by rain, wind and storm surges is the area between Cairns and Innisfail, with possible direct path including Townsville.

The Queensland Premier has just announced evacuation of all patients from Cairns private and public hospitals – the first ever evacuation of a regional hospital in the State’s history.

See Youtube video of the potential path and likely effects on rainfall throughout eastern Australia:


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