New studio flash technology – Cyber Commander

Written by Gary on November 2nd, 2008

Paul C. Buff, the creator of Alien Bees studio flash lights has announced a new product which may set the cat amongst the pigeons…

see Cyber Commander

Not only does it allow remote wireless triggering of up to 16 flash units, and measure their light output via its built-in flash meter, but if you happen to have studio flash units with the Buff remote cable feature, this remote can also dial up the flash output of each of the flash units from the camera!

Furthermore it offers 400′ distance capability and a delay of only 1/4000th sec to be compatible with faster flash sync speeds.

While it doesn’t offer remote TTL flash as with using Olympus FL50R or the other camera manufacturer remote TTL flash systems, it will certainly give Pocket Wizards a run for their money.


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