Its not all about megapixels either – Canon G10 shows Canon perhaps did lose the plot

Written by Gary on November 25th, 2008

In September, I wrote a blog suggesting Canon had lost the plot with the megapixel race, in particular with produce a 15mp G10 point and shoot.

Today, published their review of the Canon G10 and although a great camera to use and producing good images at base ISO of 80, as I suspected, image quality deteriorates rapidly as ISO increases which is exacerbated by a rather slow lens in aperture terms.

Canon could have made a camera with much more versatility (ability to use higher ISO with reasonable image quality) had it stuck with 7-10 megapixels rather than just suck in gullible non-photographers who would think that more pixels must mean better image quality.

Seems suggests the more conservative and cheaper Panasonic LX-3 produces better image quality at higher ISO than the G10, and with a faster lens to boot.

The G10 will also be outperformed by similarly priced entry level dSLRs although these are much bigger, and it will be interesting to see how the forthcoming Micro Four Thirds bodies with their much bigger sensor but still compact cameras further erodes the G10 market.


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