A very quick night street shot as I walked across the road and an ambulance started bearing down on me

Written by Gary on May 5th, 2012

Just to show how responsive and fantastic this Olympus OM-D E-M5 Micro Four Thirds camera is with the Olympus m.ZD 12mm f/2.0 lens on, here is a shot as I was crossing a busy Melbourne intersection with camera in hand.

I had a split second to compose, AF, get the shot and get out of the way as the ambulance with lights and sirens on started to head my way.

The ONLY processing this image has had is in Lightroom 4.1 on the RAW file which was rotated a touch, cropped and then exported as web size with compression and default Lightroom sharpneing for the web.

It was taken at ISO 320, 1/60th second at f/2.0 with autoWB, noise level at low, Picture Style = Natural with default settings.

Obviously no tripod, but I was walking and had an umbrella in my left hand so I was not holding it carefully – indeed not carefully enough that I had to rotate the image!

But still it is very sharp indeed given the situation!

Click on it for larger view.
Melbourne at night on the move


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