Olympus E-M5 camera in the misty morning showers of Warwick

Written by Gary on August 4th, 2012

My last day in England before flying to Dublin from Birmingham Airport, took me briefly to Warwick Castle.

When we arrived there was a low mist making for extremely dull photos, so we went for a walk, and waited … until for a brief few minutes, a few rays of sunlight broke their way through the misty cloud to highlight the castle in a gentle bathe of glow, just as the swans decided to have a swim….but I think you will agree, the wait was worth it ….

Warwick Castle

and from a pretty English garden perspective:

Warwick Castle

and yes… I probably should have cropped out those leaves on the left border!

ps… I highly recommend flying out of Birmingham Airport – low stress, easy access for hire car drop off, not as busy as Heathrow yet a reasonable number of retail shops to browse whilst awaiting your flight – my only annoyance was when Aer Lingus unilaterally decided to re-schedule my pre-booked flight for 6 hours later in the day impacting my hire car plans in Ireland with no option to negotiate other than by international phone call – and I was not going to throw more money after bad – they notified me by email a fortnight after I had booked the flight but indicated that any return email would be neglected.

Next stop …. Ireland …..


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