Apple launches the iPhone 5 and iOS 6

Written by Gary on September 13th, 2012

The new iPhone 5 brings a new size format and new socket as well as SIM card format but in return users get double the speed and compatibility with 4G in Australia.

New iPhone 5 features include:

  • longer and 18% thinner giving a 4″ 16:9 display instead of 3.4″ display but otherwise the same “Retina” display resolution as the 4S
  • legacy apps will appear letterboxed in the larger 1136 x 640 pixel display
  • metallic back
  • 4G LTE capability would work with Telstra, Optus and Virgin Mobile in Australia
  • faster A6 processor which approximately doubles speed of most functions
  • new dynamic low light mode that offers up to two f-stops better performance in low light for the camera
  • panorama sweep mode where users can sweep a scene while holding the camera vertically
  • better stabilisation of 1080p video
  • face detection of up to 10 people
  • front camera supports 720p for video calling on cellular networks
  • new “lightning” connector instead of 30-pin socket – makes all existing iPhone plug-ins incompatible unless you buy an adapter
  • new SIM card – a “macro-SIM” instead of “micro-SIM”
  • BUT NO Near Field Communication (NFC) chip, so no contactless payments
  • for most people the hastle of the changes will not be worth the upgrade from iPhone 4S unless they really want 4G in Australia

New iOS6 features:

  • Safari can now sync bookmarks and the actual webpages across iCloud and with Mac and iOS devices – “iCloud Tabs” but we still can’t have multiple browser apps open to better organise your workflow, just multiple tabs.
  • Siri has been improved and becomes available on the newer iPads – I have Siri turned off on my iPhone so am guessing I won’t be missing her calling international numbers accidentally!
  • more options for preventing messages and text notifications from disturbing you at night
  • turn on Do Not Disturb and you won’t be bothered by anyone — except can’t-miss contacts like your boss or your family
  • maps are no longer Google
  • new 3D map application – but 3D buildings is only available in US
  • turn-by-turn navigation and voice by Siri in the US but not here in Australia, and if it is, requires cellular data – you will be better off sticking with TomTom!
  • Passport app to store and display barcoded loyalty cards, movie tickets, virtual airline boarding passes (apparently Virgin Australia will support this)
  • photo streams can be shared with others as long as their iOS 6 device or Mountain Lion Mac are connected to iCloud (photos are downloaded to their device) or they use a computer to view the iCloud photostream
  • better integration with Facebook – single log in which becomes available to all apps needing it, plus sync FB calendar and friend’s birthdays onto the phone calendar
  • improved email – can designate certain people as “VIPs” and locate their emails more easily in the VIP inbox; swipe down to refresh a mailbox; easier photo attachments
  • FaceTime now works over cellular networks as video calls not just over WiFi and the internet
  • Guided Access for improved accessibility
  • Find My Phone improved with ability to immediately send it a 4 pin lock out and a message to contact a phone number if found which can be called from the iPhone while it is locked, plus while Lost it will keep track of where it has been not just the current location
  • NB. the original iPad is NOT compatible with iOS 6 – so guess that is the end of the updates for it!
  • see Apple’s What’s new and which features are available in which country

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