Chicken mounted stabilised video camera or the run and gun Olympus E-M1?

Written by Gary on October 4th, 2013

If you haven’t seen this amazing and quite funny adventurous chook with a video camera mounted to it’s head to ensure an image stabilised video even parachuting or going down a waterfall thanks to the chicken’s wonderful oculo-vestibular reflex which keeps its head still, then you need to do yourself a favour and check this Youtube video out:


Fortunately, for Micro Four Thirds users, the new Olympus OM-D E-M1 has the best non-chook image stabiliser built in – the sensor-based enhanced 5-axis IS system which works with ANY lens, and is so effective, it allows hand held shots longer than 1 sec with wide angle lenses to give those lovely flowing water waterfall/creek shots or blurred crowds, but not only that, it allows you to do away with looking after chooks or holding heavy, expensive stabiliser rigs, and allows you to have a very portable, fun to use, run and gun video kit:

One of the great reasons to buy the Olympus E-P5, E-M5 or E-M1 cameras.

Oh, and has just posted a full review of the E-P5 – see here.

“for the first time really, the E-P5 is a PEN model that offers a competatively complete camera – with the image quality, focus speed and user interface all coming together to offer a strong package. Of course its rather high pricing means it has to stand up to the E-M5 – one of our favorite mirrorless cameras so far – but if you want something a little smaller, the P5 does a good job of standing its ground.”

“the ability to easily transfer images to a smartphone (yours or someone else’s) proved to be rather liberating …… the Olympus system isn’t quite ‘click to send’ but it’s one of the easier to configure and initiate systems we’ve so far encountered”

BUT – seems to have a bug in the firmware or “shutter shock” as “Unusually prone to blurred/shaken images at certain shutter speeds (around 1/160sec)” … hmmm 1st time I have heard of this issue, and I haven’t noticed this on my E-M5.


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