Wye River Xmas bushfire 6wks on…

Written by Gary on February 8th, 2016

As is becoming a far too commonplace event, yet another lovely region of Victoria was severely affected by bushfire – this time a difficult to control fire in the Otways starting around Xmas Day 2015 which closed the Great Ocean Road for some time and severely impacted tourism from Lorne to Apollo Bay.

The fire destroyed over 100 houses in the region, but fortunately most of the Wye River township was saved. The fire seemed to have more impact close to the GOR at nearby Separation Creek and at Boggaley Creek.

The locals are wanting the tourists back to help them get through this difficult time financially as much of their tourism income over the important Xmas holidays was lost. The locals are also angry as many believe that back burning operations in the days prior were the cause of the bushfire.

Last week I drove down there and although I did not go up the valley where most of the fire impacted, and restricted myself to the Great Ocean Road, it would appear as though it is business as usual for the Wye River businesses such as the hotel, cafe, and holiday park – all of which were doing good business last week, while the coastal beautry can still be enjoyed by the tourists as my photos show:


Fire damage at Boggaley Creek with re-growth of ferns (and blackberry weed).

Wye River house

Remnants of a house at Wye River overlooking the beach, but at least some tourists are back on the beach.

Wye River coast

The long exposure of the beautiful coastline of Wye River.

All photos taken hand held with Olympus OM-D cameras.



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