Amazing new camera sensor from Panasonic – 8K 60p, 36mp, global shutter, Organic-Photoconductive-Film CMOS Image Sensor

Written by Gary on February 14th, 2018 has just reported on a new announcement by Panasonic that it has developed a new 8K, 36mp, global shutter, Organic-Photoconductive-Film CMOS Image Sensor with some fascinating features which may change how we use the camera, and hopefully will be incorporated in their next Micro Four Thirds cameras – perhaps the Panasonic GH6?

Feature list of the new sensor:

8K, 60p, 36 mp global shutter

  • we have been waiting for an electronic global shutter for a LONG time!
  • this will eliminate rolling shutter distortions with moving subjects
  • it should allow use of electronic flash with the electronic shutter at all shutter speeds eliminating the need for power sapping HSS/Super FP flash mode at fast shutter speeds when you want to freeze motion or use flash with a wide aperture for shallow DOF in bright sunlight
  • it should allow 36mp 60fps burst modes (yes the Olympus OM-D E-M1 II can already to 60 fps RAW at 20mp and that is probably all we need but 36mp might be useful for some)
  • it should allow 8K 60p ultra high resolution video

New “In-Pixel” pixel level sensor based noise cancellation

  • presumably, this will give us lower image noise at high ISO

In-pixel gain switching technology

  • Ultra high dynamic range mode / High saturation mode
  • you will now be able to image indoors using available light without blowing the outdoor lit scenes in the window
  • skies will no longer be blown out when you need shadow detail

Voltage controlled sensitivity modulation technology

  • this is what enables the global shutter functionality apparently

Electrical ND Filter Technology

  • this allows the user to effectively “steplessly dial down” the ISO as if using any ND filter down to ND32
  • fantastic for those ultra wide angle and fisheye lenses which prevent use of external filters – now you can get those longer shutter speeds for flowing water shots with these lenses as well as negating the need to buy these filters for your other lenses

Exciting times indeed, see more details on


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