A few simple 2019 firmware update wishes for the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

Written by Gary on December 26th, 2018

It seems Olympus will be announcing a E-M1X in January 2019 which might suggest there is no E-M1 Mark III model coming in the next 6 months at least.

In October I started using hand held HDR for a lot of my shooting and I think it is changing the way I shoot because it allows me to AE bracket in one shutter click and allows me the option of creating a HDR or seeing the image in a different manner with different exposure values.

The problem with the HDR mode is you are limited to HDR level AE bracketing of 2EV steps.

If one uses the normal bracketing modes, you have to press the shutter release for EVERY bracketed shot and not only is this too slow, but one forgets where one is up to in the sequence so you either end up not completing the sequence for that shot and having part of the sequence in your next shot, or doing too many and starting a new sequence inadvertently.

I just want a single shutter press to do the whole sequence of bracketing.

My suggestion then is to add a menu item under the bracketing menu of “Bracketing Shutter Mode” and have two options – single shutter press and multiple shutter presses.

My next firmware suggestion is to add another AF region option more than 9 points – perhaps 25 points or 36 points so that one has a better chance of keeping a moving subject within the AF region during C-AF without having to resort to full area AF points which may increase the chance of the camera locking focus on foreground or background

There are many other areas which they could improve with firmware such as:

  • adding Dual / Sync IS with Panasonic OIS lenses
  • allowing the aperture ring on Panasonic lenses to be functional
  • change the auto ISO default slowest shutter speed to take into account the IS being used
  • add a Panorama mode to make this easier than manually locking all the settings for each shot
  • add a 3rd option, “last viewed” to the cogs:H1:Card Slot Settings:Playback Slot so that one does not have to dig deep into the menu to keep your playback slot preference
  • playback zoom should have an option to view the RAW file rather than a small embedded jpeg when shooting RAW only or RAW and a small jpeg so that one can better assess image quality
  • add an option to adjust the time to return to normal view when MF Assist is activated and you stop rotating MF ring – currently it is too short for my liking and does not give enough time to to assess focus accuracy

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