Emigrants to Tasmania 1855-62 by origin

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Emigrants to Tasmania 1855-1862 via the Launceston Immigration Aid Society:

From Norfolk:

From Suffolk:

From Essex and other places:

William YAXLEY (1517-1558) of Warham, NFK? 

William YAXLEY (1746/7-) settled in Whissonsett


Thomas LING 

James LING (c1824-1891) of Banham, NFK, per Trade Wind in 1858

William LING (1814-1870) of Redgrave, NFK, son of William LING; emigrated on Whirlwind in 1855; died New Norfolk, Tas. 

George LING (c1734-) b. in North Lopham, NFK, militiaman of Suffolk c1759

John REEVE b c1825 Garboldisham NFK to Noah REEVE & Rebecca PRENTICE

William REVELL

William HOWARD (1812-1874) of Hockham, NFK, son of John HOWARD and Mary LOVETT, emigrated on Whirlwind in 1855


John HOWARD (c1827-) - also emigrated on the Southern Eagle - perhaps a sibling of the above?




Alfred BARKER (c1837-1916) of Larling, son of Francis BARKER

John RUDD (c1810-1893) of Illington, NFK, emigrated on the Whirlwind in 1855

Zachariah RUDD (c1812-1879) of Illington, NFK, emigrated on the Whirlwind in 1855

John SPINKS (c1828-1906) of Bodney, son of William SPINKS and Judith GAMBLE, emigrated on Southern Eagle

John SPINKS (b. c.1790 in SFK, transported in 1814, d. 1859 in NSW) (see here) - don't know if this family comes from same SPINKS family.

Thomas SPINKS see here

Edmund SPINKS see here of Suffolk

George SPINKS (b. c1715 in NFK) see here


Francis DENNIS (see here)

Richard PEACHEY see here

Richard WARD (c1830-1905)

John WOOLNOUGH (1668-1707) of Suffolk