Digital photography RAW files

an example of use of the RAW file - post-processing to regain highlight information as was done with the image on the right, whereas the image on the left is straight jpeg from the Olympus E510.


RAW file processing software:

A brief list of earliest version of PC software that supports some popular camera models:

NB. disclaimer - the information below may not be exact, please double check with software provider.

Camera Adobe Photoshop Adobe Lightroom Phase One    
  C8080WZ CS or RSE v1.0      
  E500 CS/2 v1.0      
  E330 CS/2 v1.0      
  E510 CS/3 v1.1 n/a    
  350D RSE v1.0      
  400D   v1.0      
  20D   v1.0      
  30D   v1.0      
  5D   v1.0      
  1D Mark IIN   v1.0      
  1D Mark III CS3 ACR4.1 v1.1 n/a    
   S5 Pro CS3 ACR4.1 v1.1