A comparison of the latest high end flashes:

Functionality Canon 580 EX II Nikon SB 800 Olympus FL-50R Quantum QF 5d-R Metz SCA flashes
Canon only Nikon/Fuji only Olympus/Four Thirds only compatible with most cameras via specific QTTL module  compatible with most cameras via specific SCA module which attach via special adapter or in the case of the 54MZ-4i, on its base
GN in m at ISO100 at various zoom settings 14/15; 24/28; 28/30; 35/36; 50/42; 70/50; 80/53; 105/58 24/?; 35/38; 105/56; 24/28; 85/50; 48? - variable depending on flash modifier used including bare bulb option. 45CL-4 dig: 28/45

54MZ-4i: 24/?; 50/40; 105/54

76MZ5:  24/?; 50/54; 105/76

TTL E-TTL II, E-TTL, TTL i-TTL, D-TTL, TTL, auto balanced fill-in Oly dig. TTL compatible with most dSLRs and film cameras (but not remote TTL - see below). Canon E-TTL II;

Nikon i-TTL;

Oly  TTL BUT not remote TTL YET!;

Pentax P-TTL;

Sony ADI

plus ANY film camera TTL via SCA 300 modules and adapter.

Wireless TTL

nb. all flashes in same group are treated as if one flash ie. same settings apply to all.

IR Master and Slave

3 groups, 4 channels

slaves must be +/- 40deg from master & within 8m outdoors.

exp. ratios in 0.5EV steps up to +/- 3EV

IR Master and Slave

3 groups, 4 channels

slaves must be +/- 30deg from master

IR Master and Slave

3 groups, 4 channels

slaves must be +/- 50deg from master

radio wireless TTL via FreeXWire sytem, currently only with certain Canon/Nikon dSLRs and hopefully Olympus soon. Metz remote TTL but not always compatible.

not Olympus yet;

as for Canon/Nikon?

AF-assist beam Yes, linked to AF point on compatible cameras Yes Yes Yes Yes but no multi-zone AF assist?
Stroboscopic Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Modeling lamp

nb. usually must rest flash for 10min if use modeling lamp more than 10 consecutive times (Canon).

Yes, 1sec, activated by DOF preview button on 1DMIII yes 3sec Yes Yes Yes 4sec
Secondary lamp No No No No Yes, 2 output levels
Bounce Up: 0-90 degrees; Down: 0-7 degrees; Left: 0-180 degrees; Right: 0-180 degrees Up: 0-90 degrees; Down: 0-7 degrees; Up: 0-90 degrees; Down: 0-7 degrees; Left: 0-180 degrees; Right: 0-90 degrees yes Up: 0-90 degrees; Down: 0-7 degrees; Left: 0-180 degrees; Right: 0-90 degrees?
Manual settings 1/1 to 1/128 1/1 to 1/128

distance priority - changes output depending in distance to subject that you enter on the screen after 1st setting ISO, aperture

1/1 to 1/128 1/1 to 1/64 1/1 to 1/256
Auto flash sensor (ie. set camera to manual or aperture priority and let flash adjust it's output according to its own sensor) complex - need to set C.fn 05 to 3 (set it back to 0 for ETTL II). Then use SET button and dial to select ISO & aperture.

see here

f/1.0-91 at ISO 100

20deg sensor (=135mm lens view)

cannot use high sync

f/2-32 at ISO 100

auto aperture - uses camera aperture setting

f/1.4-22 at ISO 100 auto sensor limit where you can set a subject distance (2,3,4 or 6m) to avoid sensor exposing for the background.


f/1.0-45 at ISO 100

12 apertures

High sync flash yes High sync yes FP yes FP TTL & FP manual ? yes
Ext. power source option yes yes yes Quantum Turbo power pack or Qpag system yes
weight excl. batteries 375g 350g 385g 45CL4dig: 680g

54MZ4i: 480g

76MZ5: 880g+138g control unit

zooming speed 0.6sec
max. burst at 6.5fps: 4 shots at 1/8th power, 6 shots if SD-7 power option at 8fps: 5 shots at 1/8th power, 40 shots if HV-1 power option
must allow 10min cool off after burst 20 shots 15 shots (40 shots if M/4-M/128) 10 shots full; 20 at M/2; 40 at M/4; 80 at M/8-M/128; 54MZ4i: 15shots full;
weatherproofed to match the Canon 1DMIII

RRP $A749

RRP $A799 locking ring not quite as good; limited telephoto zoom but good burst and auto aperture range;

RRP $A808

complex, expensive but sophisticated and versatile.

replaceable flash bulb

numerous flash modifiers optional

should do custom WB

avoid matrix metering, use CW instead

flash exp. comp. +/- 2EV only

built in output calibration possible

RRP $A1230 + $A235 for QTTL module + battery pack + FreeXWire components for wireless control.

see manual here (pdf)

one flash for all cameras but heavy, big and not all functionality assured, particularly remote TTL may not work and Olympus fill-in flash.

45CL4 RRP $A929 + SCA3045 cable $A117 + SCA module $A99

76MZ5 RRP $A1199 + $A99 for SCA module

P76 power pack $A547 + V76 connecting cable $A61