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flash guns

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Flash Guns for the Olympus Digital Cameras

Olympus dedicated external flash functions:

For TTL control with Olympus digital cameras:

(Not all features below are available on the Olympus C8080 eg. AF-measuring flash)

Metz 44MZ-2 Metz 45CL-4 Metz 54MZ-4 Metz 60CT-4 Metz 70MZ-4 Metz 70MZ-5 Olympus FL-20 Olympus FL-36 Olympus FL-50
GN (m) 34 (44 @50mm) 45 40 (54 @50mm) 60 50 (70 @50mm ) 50 (70 @50mm) 20 @35mm 36 @85mm 28 (50 @85mm)
secondary light N Y Y Y N Y N N N
built-in slave N (opt) N N N N Y N N N
tilt vert/horiz 90/0 deg 90 / 360deg 90 / 270deg 90 / 270deg 90 / 270deg 90 / 270deg N 90 / 270deg
AF-measuring flash Y N Y N N Y N Y (not 8080)
Stroboscopic N N Y N N Y N N E1 only
Modeling light N N Y N N Y N N N
NiCd Y (85) Y (50) Y (60) Y (160) Y (60 flash)
NiMH Y (205) N Y (120) N Y (100 flash) Y Y Y
Alkaline Y (240) Y (100) Y (180) N N
recycle time 0.2-4s 0.3-7s 0.1-5s 0.25-5s 0.1-5s
apertures 12 6 12 8 12 9?
partial light levels 8 2 25 25 25 6?
not for 5050
3002/300 3000/300 3002/300 3000/300 3002/300 3002/300
Price $A450 $A730 $A1060 $A1220 $A335 $A800

External flash units directly mounted on camera:

External flash units remotely connectable to the hot shoe mount:

Metz 45 series flashguns:

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