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Melbourne weather records - heat waves and other extreme events


  • heat records are now happening three times more often than cold records, and the number of hot days across Australia has more than doubled while the hottest days have become even hotter, and heat waves longer and hotter.

heat waves of sequential very hot days

  • Melbourne:
    • Jan 2014: hottest heatwave on record with 4 consecutive days above 41deg C in Melbourne, with max. 43.9degC, max. over 45degC in Geelong. Melbourne's average temperature for the day exceeded 35degC for 3 of these days! 1st time that Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra all reached 40degC on the same two consecutive days!
      • >500 of the flying fox colony in Yarra Bend died
      • water usage almost doubled for the week
      • heart attacks 4x normal
      • over 200 deaths reported to coroner - twice normal rate
      • 20x increase in ambulance calls
      • 4x increase in locum doctor calls
      • major train system disruptions as is usual during heat waves due to failed air conditioning, grassfires, etc.
    • Jan 2009: 43,44 and 45degC preceding the Black Saturday bushfires, and the 1st time Melbourne's average temperature for the day exceeded 35degC (two days in this heat wave!). Equal record of six consecutive nights above 20C (record was set in 2008). Probably caused an excess of 500 deaths due to heat in Sth Aust and Victoria
    • 1939
    • Jan 1908: 39.9 then 5 days above 40degC
  • Mildura:
    • Jan 2014: 5 days in row 42degC or higher, peak 45.2degC, 4 of these days 44degC or higher, preceded by 4 days above 35degC
    • Jan 2013: 5 days in a row above 40degC
    • Jan 2009: 5 days in a row above 40degC
    • Jan 1979: 6 days in a row above 40degC

other heat records

  • Melbourne:
    • May 2014 - record 13 consecutive days above 20degC thanks to a blocking high in the Tasman
    • hottest Autumns on record: 2007, 2010, 2014
    • Sept 2013: hottest September on record
    • more than 8 sequential days over 30degC:
      • 1890, 1898, 1951, 1961, March 2013
      • March 2013: record nine consecutive daytime temperatures over 32C for March and record 7 consecutive nights where minimum failed to fall below 20degC for any month! 99 consecutive days above 20degC - 2nd longest on record after 2009-10 1)
    • Feb 2013: Victoria has its equal highest number of consecutive hot February days over 30degC on record of 10 days, equalling the record set in 1997
    • summer 2009-10: longest consecutive days above 20degC on record
    • March 1940: warmest March in Melbourne on record with average maximum temperature was 28.9C.
  • Australia:
    • 2013: hottest calendar year on record for Australia
      • 2013-14: Adelaide records most days in a summer over 40degC with 13 days, and many areas of SA have record number of days above 42degC including 9 days for Yunta.
    • March 2013:
      • Adelaide 10 consecutive days above 32degC from 3-12th March
    • Jan 2013: Australia's hottest month on record and warmest summer on record.
      • Sydney has its hottest heat wave on record.
      • Australia's first and third hottest days on record.
      • sea surface temperatures hottest month on record Feb 2013, warmest summer on record with temperatures 0.5degC higher than average.
    • Nov 2012: numerous spring temperature records broken in SE Aust, with warmest Spring day on record for Victoria
    • March 2008: record setting heat wave for a March in many parts SE Aust including:
      • Adelaide record 15 consecutive days above 35degC from 3-17th March 2008!
    • summer 1972-73: Australia's 2nd hottest day on record
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