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Nikon AF-S 28-300mm lenses


  • 10x zoom 28-300mm lenses are mainly designed for consumers or enthusiasts for bushwalks, travel, etc and are thus designed to be relatively light weight with mainly plastic construction
  • 10x zoom lenses by their nature are compromises - mainly in aperture and image quality, and if you are going to accept this, you perhaps would be better off with Micro Four Thirds system and have a smaller, less expensive kit to start with and perhaps better image quality and more fun

new Nikon AF-S 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens

  • introduced 2010
  • possibly a better lens to buy than the Nikon AF-S 70-300mm lenses as it gives comparably average image quality but more focal length range


Image courtesy of Ken Rockwell


  • “3-4EV” VRII
  • 19 elements in 14 groups incl. 3 ASPH and 2ED
  • 9 rounded blades
  • Nikon Super Integrated Coating (SIC)
  • 77mm filters
  • 1.6'/0.5m close focus giving 1:3.2 (the 300mm actually becomes only 135mm at closest focus)
  • 28.1 oz./796g
  • 83mm x 115mm


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