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Nikon AF-S 300mm f/4E PF VR lens


  • new completely re-designed full frame 300mm f/4 image stabiliser ultralight lens introduced in 2015
  • PF = Pressed Fresnel element
  • NB there is also the older, cheaper non-VR 2000 version lens: Nikon AF-S FX 300mm f/4D which is twice as heavy and 3“ longer
  • older versions include:
    • Nikon AF 300mm f/4 1987-2000

300mm f/4E PF VR specs

  • 300mm f/4
  • “4.5EV” image stabiliser
  • moisture sealed plastic build
  • uses an electronic diaphragm, and therefore is only fully compatible with cameras introduced since about 2007
  • 16 elements in 10 groups including:
    • a Pressed Fresnel element to use less glass and save even more weight which is similar technology to Canon's DO technology (see Canon EF 400mm f/4 DO IS II USM)
    • 1 ED element
  • 77mm filter thread
  • Nano coating
  • Nikon Super Integrated Coating
  • fluorine front coating
  • 9 rounded blades
  • optional tripod collar
  • plastic bayonet lens hood
  • 4.6'/1.4m close focus giving 1:4.2 (0.24x)
  • 89mm x 148mm
  • 26.6 oz./754g
  • $US1999


300mm f/4D lens


  • traditional 300mm f/4 lens
  • 46.7 oz./1,295g w/o collar; 50.863 oz. /1,442.0 g with tripod collar


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