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Panasonic GX9


  • details released Feb 2018
  • more of an updated GX85 than the GX8 as it loses some of the GX8 features, and unlike the GX8, it is NOT weathersealed


  • 20mp sensor, no AA filter, 5 axis 4EV IBIS; redesigned shutter so no shutter shock;
  • option of using a silent electronic shutter to 1/16,000th sec;
  • tilting 2.7m dot 0.70x magnification EVF but field sequential type so may cause rainbow effects
  • 3“ tilting touch screen; 6fps burst (9fps with locked AF and no live view); DFD AF;
  • GN 4.2m (ISO 100) built-in flash
  • new 'Dynamic' monochrome mode which looks a bit like Tri-X grainy film;
  • WiFi, BLE bluetooth;
  • 4K 30p 100Mbps UHD video
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