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The MANEY and McCULLOCH families of North Motton, Tas


  • although the MANEY and McCULLOCH families are not directly related to me, this page has been added as Ruby MANEY married Kevin AYTON and Kevin has kindly provided me with some wonderful old family photos of his in-laws which will hopefully add to create a more fuller picture of the closely knit North Motton community of the early 20th century.
  • I have derived these trees from information on the old photos and from internet sources as referenced.

Joseph MANEY

  • m. Jane 
  • George MANEY
    • m. Ruth STONE
    • Oswald MANEY
      • m. Elsie Selina May McCULLOCK / McCULLOCH  
    • Ellis MANEY
    • Mick MANEY
    • Elsie MANEY
      • m. HARRIS


I'm not sure how the following fit:


If anyone has more old photos of any of these people, I would love to see them, just email me.

George and Emily STONE, parents of Ruth (Mrs George MANEY)

North Motton State School, Tasmania, 1939

Robert is Rose's husband

hmmm… is Jack = John?? seems too young if John is the man below. 



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