Olympus dSLRs with OM mount lenses


OM mount lenses I have and will do some experimenting with:


Tamron 80-210mm f/3.8-4 adaptall 2 tele macro lens:

Firstly, an uncropped but resized image to show the field of view overall:

Next, a cropped and resized image:

well there is a bit of noise at 800ISO, but I think it was worth it in this situation given I didn't know how well he would hold it steady or focus it.

Now a cropped but 100% size so you can see, it was OK detail, maybe the focus wasn't exact as it is hard to focus accurately in the viewfinder and there is not much depth of field at 420mm:

well not bad for $A15, and handheld at 420mm, although I think i would try for a lower ISO next time. Remember one would not normally look at these images at 100% so the middle image is more representative of how these would be used and is certainly something you can get away with.

note there is some purple fringing along the overexposed white borders - this is common on every lens I have tested at wide open aperture in high contrast situations such as this. It can be reduced by stopping most lenses down by about 2 f-stops.

by the way - we lost the game - maybe too much wine at lunch :)