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Olympus E330

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Olympus E330 digital SLR

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Executive summary:

My first digital SLR:

Why Live Preview is great:

First experiences with the Oly E330:

This is one of my first pics with the Oly E330 at 1600 ISO, hand held at 1/30th sec f/3.5 with kit lens. No PS processing.

over 10,000 turn up at Melbourne's Federation Square to watch Australia play Brazil in the World Cup soccer finals - what a great night it was too, even though it was 4am and 4 deg C when the game finished, and we lost, the crowd was great although a few lads had a bit too drink.

Here is a manually focused one using a Zuiko OM 50mm f/1.4 lens at 800 ISO, f/1.4 and 1/30th sec hand held.


Manual focusing:

Using manual focus lenses:

This is a sepia toned image with contrast increased taken with a cheap Hanimex 350mm f/5.6 mirror lens hand held but steadied on an uneven post at 1/500th sec ISO 250. This is was taken on a very hazy early morning with low contrast which would have made it very difficult for an AF lens to focus even if it didn't have the foreground post nearby to confuse it. This is in effect a 700mm lens in 35mm terms.  Accurate focus on the cloud was critical in allowing it to be defined well - manual focus on the chimney was relatively easy with the 10x magnification in Live Mode B and the camera steadied on the post.

Infrared photography:


see my comet McNaught P1 photos.

Here's a couple of quick ones I took with the Olympus E330 on a 10" Newtonian telescope (no PS except cropping):

Jupiter - prime focus with 3rd party OM 2x teleconverter, 800 ISO, 1/160th second


Moon at prime focus, 100 ISO, 1/50th sec.

Dark frame noise on long exposures:

1min exposure at 18degC, 100ISO

crop of 100% image size without NR

this noise is totally removed by noise reduction being set to ON (but this doubles the shot duration as would be expected).


5min exposure at 21degC, 100ISO

crop of 100% image size without NR

this noise is totally removed by noise reduction being set to ON.


5min exposure at 21degC, 800ISO

crop of centre portion 100% image size without NR

full frame image resized

compare this with my tests with the Olympus C8080WZ here