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Sunshine Coast - Fraser Island region

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  • marine stingers 1 Nov - 31 May
  • dingoes - breed season March-May and there are some 100-200 on Fraser Island in around 20 packs - see Being dingo safe on Fraser Island
    • don't walk alone especially to a rubbish bin - if need to toilet have someone stand guard
    • don't go to rubbish bins at night
    • don't jog or run it excites them and if a dingo approaches don't run, but face it and preferably carry a stick and keep yourself between the dingo and a child
    • don't play with them
    • don't keep food or backpacks in tents - use food stores at camp ground or keep in a car
    • dingoes may tear a backpack from you
    • if kids under 14yrs use fenced camp grounds only
    • there are on the spot fines up to $10,000 for getting too close or interacting with dingoes!
  • croc country is anywhere north of Gladstone but may occasional come further south
    • camp at least 50m from the water’s edge and at least 2m above the high water mark
    • limit your time at the water’s edge when collecting water and don’t use the same spot repeatedly
    • keep camp site clear of food scraps etc

Camping near beaches


  • Noosa North Shore, Noosa

Inskip Peninsula, Rainbow Beach

  • 4WD access only?

Fraser Island / K'gari

  • see map
  • no mobile phone service
  • 4WD access only unless you walk in a group
  • north of Indian Head the crowds get thinner
  • the trade-off for a more central position is access to the trifecta of Fraser Island attractions. You’re near Lake McKenzie, Eli Creek and the Maheno Wreck along with access to the Eurong Bakery in case you need to top up any bread, milk or bait supplies.

dingo fenced camp grounds

  • Central Station camp ground - 44 sites
  • Dundubara camp area - 42 sites
  • Lake Boomanjin camping area - large open area no defined sites
  • Waddy Point Top camping area - 25 tent sites plus 6 camper trailer sites

Moreton Island

  • The Tangalooma Wrecks campground - short walk from ferry landing

North Stradbroke Island region

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