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trailer shelters and vans for camping


  • many campers prefer to tow a trailer or van for their camping trips as these may provide:
    • more amenity (gas fridges, stoves, better beds, storage space for extended cooking equipment and cutlery)
      • most have a 2nd external gas stove which can be pulled out for use and avoids the cooking smells becoming embedded inside the van
    • greater water storage capacities
    • often less accessible to animals/insects seeking food
    • in some cases better security although most only provide security against opportunistic thieves and not against professional thieves
    • potentially less set up and pack up time as self-contained and most gear is already ready to go without packing
  • the downsides are:
    • they are much more expensive and tend to depreciate in value
    • more can go wrong - gas leaks, water leaks, towing issues, wheel issues, etc
    • need a fairly large area of reasonably flat ground plus use of ramps under wheels to ensure relatively flat
    • high risk of accidents whilst being towed, including loss of control at speed, hitting pedestrians due to poor visibility, or poles when cornering due to poor judgement or visibility
    • they will require use of more fuel to tow
    • some do take some time to set up and pack down
    • some require considerable physical abilities to set up and pack down, and some require a 2nd person to assist
    • require storage
    • constant risk of them being stolen by being towed away by thieves when unattended
    • requires an appropriate tow vehicle for the load

Design options

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