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about me

  • I am a non-commercial photographer living in Melbourne, Australia and have a love for everything photography which is my escape from the constant barrage of negativity, stress and inhumanity of our world, and photography allows me to see the world in a different light as well as motivate me to keep fit outdoors
  • I do not do weddings nor commercial work
  • I do not sell anything
  • I have almost no advertising on my sites and I am not going to send you to online retail websites such as Amazon without it being obvious to you (and if I do have such links I do not get payments from them - they are there only to save you searching)
  • I do not really care what people think of my photography, I have the luxury of not having to create works to address other people's needs and I prefer instead to follow what I feel like at the time - and this can change from week to week
  • I choose to not waste my time playing games on photo hosting websites to get the most followers and highest ratings for my photos, I would rather spend my time bush walking and try to take photos that capture how I feel, so apologies in advance if I have not “liked” your photos, although I do “like” and “fav” images which I feel are special. Check out this post on how bots are making artificial likes on social websites such as flickr, FB, 500px, etc - - no thanks, life is too short to play this game.
  • I am not sponsored by any photographic companies
  • I have created this website to share what I have learned, and also to keep a ready resource available.
  • If I have a significant error on my site, feel free to contact me
  • I mainly use Canon and Olympus digital cameras
  • I am also a keen computer programmer - see my free photography calculator tool I made a few years ago, you can download from here

Other sections of this wiki:

photography tutorials and tips

what to buy

basics of photography

advanced photography tips

lighting and flash

Olympus OM-D tips

post-processing and printing

photography on the internet

miscellaneous tips

lens types

camera systems and manufacturers

digital systems

film systems


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