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35mm full frame digital SLR cameras compared

comparison table for 2012 models

features in common:

  • weathersealing
  • live view with HD video
  • 3:2 aspect ratio full frame sensor
  • longest duration timed shutter 1/30th sec
  • +/- 5EV exposure compensation
  • wireless TTL flash
  • high speed sync flash
  • multi/CW/spot exposure metering
  • self timer 2 or 10secs (D800 has additional)
  • SD memory cards (EXCEPT Nikon D4/Canon 1DX which only have dual CF; some take CF as well, Sony takes Sony Memory Sticks as well)
  • orientation sensor
  • wired and wireless remotes
  • no Live BULB
  • no Timed BULB
  • no sensor-based IS during video
feature Nikon D600 Nikon D800 Nikon D4 Canon 6D Canon 5D III Canon 1D X Sony SLT a99
sensor 24.3mp 36.3mp 16.2mp 20.2mp 22.3mp 18.1mp 24.3mp
electronic viewfinder N N N N N N Y
full time Live View functionality N N N N N N Y
integrated vertical grip opt opt yes opt opt yes opt
max. ISO 25,600 25,600 204,800 102,400 102,400 204,800 25,600
white balance presets 12 12 12 6 6 6 8
sensor shift IS N N N N N N Y
phase detect AF pts /X-type 39/9 51/15 51/15 11/? 61/ 61/ 19/11
smallest lens aperture for AF f/8 (33pts) f/8 f/8 f/8? f/5.6 f/8 f/8?
full-time phase detect AF N N N N N N Y
sensor phase detect AF N N N N N N Y 102 points
phase detect AF in movie N N N N N N Y but only at apertures wider than f/5.6?
selectable focus range for AF N N N N N N Y
subject AF tracking good? good? good? less good? good? better? have to wait and see
crop modes 10.5mp DX 15mp DX, 21mp 1.2x
articulated LCD N N N N N N Y
LCD resolution 921K 921K 921K 1040K 1040K 1040K 1229K
touch screen N N N N N N N
faster shutter 1/4000th 1/8000th 1/8000th 1/4000th 1/8000th 1/8000th 1/8000th
flash sync 1/200th 1/250th 1/250th 1/180th 1/200th 1/200th 1/250th
built-in flash Y Y N N N N N
radio wireless TTL flash 3rd party 3rd party 3rd party yes yes yes 3rd party coming? Phottix?
burst rates 5.5fps 4.6fps 9-11fps 4.5fps 6fps 12-14fps 6fps
HD 1920×1080 frame rates 30/25/24 30/25/24 30/25/24 29.97,25,23.97 29.97,25,23.97 29.97,25,23.97 60/24
stereo mic N N N N N N Y
speaker Y Y Y Y Y N Y
uncompressed video out Y Y N N N N Y
built-in GPS N N N Y N N Y
built-in timelapse Y Y Y N N N N
USB 3.0 N Y N N N N N
weight 760g 900g 1340g 770g 950g 812g
price $2099 $2999 $5999 TBA $3499 $6799 $2798
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