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ergonomic hiking backpacks for photographers


  • choosing a backpack is quite difficult as it needs to cater for your variable needs including:
    • ergonomics to reduce risk of neck, back, shoulder injury and distribute load to reduce exhaustion and local weight issues
    • protection for valuable gear such as your cameras - from drops, bumps, rain
    • good access to items you need - camera gear, phone, maps, water, snacks, etc
    • general waterproofing as you should assume you will get caught in the rain
    • security from pickpockets if traveling in tourist destinations
    • carry volume eg. 20L may be fine for day packs, 40L for overnight packs and 60L for long treks for a week or more
    • can you take it as cabin luggage on air planes?

general ergonomic issues

  • ensure pack is sized correctly for your needs
  • pack the bag so heavy objects are close to body yet padded from the body
  • for children, final weight of pack should be no more than 10% body weight, for hikers, aim for less than 15% body weight
  • select packs with wide padded shoulder straps and WEAR pack on BOTH shoulders and NOT slung over one shoulder
  • USE the sternal strap to reduce neck strain
  • USE the waist strap as this takes weight from the shoulders and neck and this should be 2“ above your waist and sitting on the top of your pelvis bone
  • choose a pack which allows ventilation otherwise you will be tempted to sling it over one shoulder
  • ensure it is fitted correctly
  • it should not be wider than your torso and should not hand more than 4” below your waistline
  • ensure weight is distributed equally and preferably front and back and loaded mainly on the hips
  • keep weight down to a minimum and make hike more enjoyable and less injury prone

external frame packable ultralight modular backpacks

    • 1kg, 66L (3x22L waterproof shiny black triple-layer racing sail fabric barrel bags with full width velcro openings), telescoping Easton Aluminum external frame uses no screws or bolts; opt. slide-out seat pad makes a highback camp chair;
    • can mount your internal frame backpack; opt. PCT FrontPack;
    • entire pack… frame, belt, 3 collapsed bags will fit into a 16“ pizza box. Made in Texas;
    • $US489

hiking pack for photographers

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