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Welcome to my website.

I am Gary Ayton, I live in the north-west suburbs of Melbourne  (the most liveable city in the world until everyone found out and put our housing prices up) which is in Victoria, Australia.

I am not a professional photographer or astronomer but these are amongst my many hobbies and interests. 

Some of the images on this site were created by my wife Anna. You can see Anna's paintings and artwork here   

I also program computers mainly using databases and Embarcadero's Delphi program (was Borland/Codegear).

The purposes of this website are several:

If you are mainly interested in photography, please check my blog as an alternative navigation aid and provides more information as well as a way of keeping informed of new updates via free subscription to an RSS feed on that page.

You are welcome to browse my website for free (try using the search tool), but you use the information in it at your own risk. If you find that the information was useful and you feel guilty that I have used much of my spare time to help you be more efficient, then feel free to make a small donation of $US5 via PayPal. My wife will then be more happy to let me waste my time and continue to update these pages as new information passes my way. If you don't feel that guilty, that's cool and it's still OK for you to email me for clarification of the information presented or more of my thoughts but at least click on the Google ads or searches once in awhile to help pay for the website.

Hope you find my photos and other information useful and interesting.

You can email me but please put something sensible on the subject line that I won't mistake for spam!

In general, clicking on a small image will open a larger image but due to the limits of my web server and download times, even these are only 20-25% of the original size as I am to have the images a maximum of 1000x700 pixels for ease of viewing on most computer screens. 

All images on this website are copyright 2004-20015 Gary & Anna Ayton. Contact me if you want prints from the originals or if you are interested in purchasing Anna's art works.

Disclaimer: whilst I attempt to ensure the information on this website is accurate, I take no responsibility in how others use it, so feel free to use it, but at your own risk.


As I have no idea what ads will display here, they are not necessarily endorsed by me but you may well find them useful and by clicking on them it helps to pay to keep this website alive:

Apart from Google  Ads and a sponsor ad at the bottom of some pages, there are no ads, no popup windows, but for the time being the site does use Frontpage extensions, so apologies to those Mac users whose browsers do not display it well. Have to pay to keep this website up & running somehow!

Please feel free to browse, Check out the image slideshow or do a search

Currently, on average, there are 1,000 visitors to this site each day resulting in over 23,000 hits per day, resulting in over 6Gb of traffic per month.


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