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depth of field examples

Depth of field and the Olympus C8080WZ

All images on this website are copyright 2004 Gary & Anna Ayton. Contact me if you want prints from the originals.

As an example of depth of field for the Olympus C8080WZ, I have taken a series of photos of flowers in a vase situated some 2.8m in front of a background consisting of maple leaves on an overcast day, hand-held using ISO100. Except for the bottom image, these images are full images just resized for the web. No image sharpening or other manipulations have been performed. These are just default auto-focus, auto white balance, auto-exposure with -0.7EV compensation,  8 megapixel SHQ jpeg images.


maximum telephoto (ie. ~140mm) f/3.5 at ~1.5m from flowers


maximum telephoto (ie. ~140mm) f/8 at ~1.5m from flowers


TCON14-D teleconverter (ie. 196mm) f/3.5 at ~2m from flowers. Note that not only is the background less sharp than at 140mm with much the same magnification, but that the perspective has been altered such that there is less background showing.


TCON14-D teleconverter (ie. 196mm) f/3.5 at ~1.2m from flowers

By moving in closer, the background is further thrown out of focus and even less of it is in the image.


This is a crop of the central part of the last image (196mm at 1.2m) resized to 50% of normal to demonstrate the relatively narrow depth of field - the blue-purple flowers were just 80mm in front of the middle of the orange flower.