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My photos used on other websites with my permission:


October 2008: 
  • bought a 120cm x 120cm light cube tent for photographing highly reflective objects
  • see my photography blog for what I've been up to with my photography and latest photos.

August 2008:

  • bought the much touted Olympus TC-20 2x teleconverter which gives me 1:1 macro with the 50mm macro lens, and 1:2 macro with working distance of 1.2m at 800mm reach with the ZD50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 lens. See my blog for what these combos can do.
  • created a new photography blog to present my latest thoughts and news in a different format and allow others to comment.
  • Olympus and Panasonic announce an exciting new compact digital camera system with inter-changeable lenses and compatibility with larger digital SLR lens - see my views - Four Thirds Micro System.
  • added more family photos of the Oliver Hutchesson family, courtesy of Ernest Hutchesson from WA.

July 2008:

June 2008:

March 2008:
  • decided I better try out the Olympus Zuiko OM 200mm f/4 lens hand held on the E510 with IS at effective 400mm focal length on a very overcast day at Melbourne's zoo - it was tough focusing accurately on moving lions, etc but the ones I managed to get look great. Very impressed with results with this and not too heavy to carry around in one hand all day. See here. I also included a few koalas in the wild I took in the Otways with a loaned Tamron 200-400mm f/5.6 lens on the Canon 1DMIII.
  • added new photo galleries for the tech heads - my photos by camera and lens.
  • bought a nice Olympus OM 200mm f/4 lens to add to my 300mm f/4.5 lens. 
    • makes a very nice, compact 400mm f/4 lens which can be reasonably accurately focused via viewfinder and precisely focused via live preview with IS on the E510 even hand held - something which requires a tripod with the 300mm f/4.5 OM
  • spent a week by myself at the Twelve Apostles, Moonlight Heads and Apollo Bay to get some beach infrared as well as coastal sunrise photos, see  photos-seascapes and photos-new.
  • updated my super telephoto lens tests with images from the beautiful Olympus OM Zuiko 300mm f/4.5 lens I managed to pick up on Ebay which becomes a hand-holdable image stabilised 600mm f/4.5 lens on my E510 which can be used down to 1/60th sec with care! As expected, the lens gives better results at f/5.6 and this would be my preferred aperture for this lens.
February 2008:
  • added how to lose weight sensibly - a simple man's approach!
  • had to get off my butt and try out the tripod, so here are some 15-20sec exposures using infrared filters - infra-red photography - I'm very impressed, a couple of my most beautiful landscape images yet - well I like them even if my wife doesn't like landscapes! These are going to make brilliant 20"x30" prints. Now just need to work out where to hang them without my wife seeing them.
  • bought a Feisol tripod online direct from manufacturers, what a nice tripod and they were a pleasure to deal with and it was shipped to me, arriving in just 7 days. Very impressed with service and best of all the tripod, light & compact but very sturdy and versatile. I bought the leveling base and horizontal arm kit and these look like they will work very well. The build quality appears excellent.
  • substantial updates to my genealogy pages
  • the future of dSLRs - perhaps something to consider before you spend your money 
January 2008:
  • Sony has at last produced an interesting dSLR, so thought it is time to devote a page to Sony even though their current system doesn't impress me much.
  • Olympus has finally allowed image stabilisation for ANY lens used on their E510 or E3 dSLRs - see here for my first tests of this firmware upgrade.
  • added photographing Australian forests - forests must be one of the hardest subjects to photograph successfully.
  • added a new genealogy page - Ayton origins which aims to consolidate information relating to the origin of the Ayton name, and family trees with a scrapbook page to assist my research Norfolk links and info. I also created Ayton's of southern England page to amalgamate the known trees of the 18th and early 19th century to make researching more efficient.
November 2007:
  • added Olympus E3 page
  • added slideshow photo album to make it easier to browse and purchase my photos but without descriptions as are in the recent photos format
  • added Ian Potter Gallery - some of the photos I have taken of the great 19th century Australian paintings held in the collections at Melbourne's Ian Potter Gallery at Federation Square, including Tom Roberts, Fred McCubbin and many more.
  • updated Grampians with more photos.
  • thanks to someone browsing this website, discovered a photo at last of one of my ancestors who immigrated to Australia in 1848 - Abraham BATTY - a family reunion of descendants is being planned for 2008 in Geelong, organised by Mark BATTY.
  • updated digital SLRs compared to consider the new Canon 40D, Nikon D300 and Olympus E3 models.
September 2007:
August 2007:
July 2007:
June 2007:
May 2007:


April 2007:
Mar 2007:
  • added photos drought-stricken central Victoria - see rural Vic
Jan 2007:
  • added photos of comet P1 McNaught - see here
  • added new photos to Batty family tree
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