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My tools

Equipment that I use

a bit embarrassing making this list, looks more like a camera store than an amateur photographer's hobby, but its the result of many years of collecting equipment, each has its own uses, strengths and weaknesses.

see some of my photos taken by camera/lens combinations

Colour Calibration system:

APS-H and full frame digital SLR gear:

Olympus / Four Thirds format digital SLR gear:

Micro Four Thirds:


Other digital cameras:

Olympus C8080WZ with battery holder/vertical grip, 1.4x teleconverter, Metz 50MZ-5 with SCA adapter 

35mm film:

some of my Olympus OM gear

6x6 Medium Format Bronica SQAi film system:

my Bronica SQ gear with a couple of those big filters eg. 95mm polariser

6x6 Medium Format Twin lens Reflex:

Electronic flash:

Tripod gear:

Photo bags:

Astronomy gear: