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Contax 35mm

Olympus OM Contax 35mm medium format Bronica SQ system Hasselblad TLRs

Contax / Yashica 35mm SLRs


C/Y mount lenses for Contax /Yashica SLR Models:

The Yashica/Contax mount is a bayonet design with a throat width of 48mm and flangeback of 45.5mm.

Zeiss lenses in the C/Y mount came in either AE or MM varieties. MM lenses were more recent, with a setting that allowed the camera to select the aperture as part of its autoexposure system, while the older AE lenses did not. There was often no difference between an older AE and a newer MM lens apart from this feature. Sometimes, the older AE lens may worth more on the used market because it may be a German-made example, while the newer lens may be Japanese-made, despite their optical formula and build quality being identical.

Zeiss lenses, on the whole, tend to have more even sharpness across the frame wide open - by comparison, Leica lenses, esp. the pre-ASPH designs, tend to be very sharp at the center and fall off substantially towards the corners.

Zeiss lenses, on average, have very high contrast and tend to give a magenta tinge (which can be a problem with portraits at sunset) while Leica tend to be more green.