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Mars occultation

Mars 2003 Mars occultation

Mars Attacks our Moon!

well...not really...just the moon almost passing in front of Mars in a similar way to a solar eclipse, but this event seen as a grazing occultation in Melbourne with Mars so big is extremely rare!

The region from which an occultation was seen is limited by a grazing occultation of Mars at the north limb of the Moon. This occurred along a band some 50 km wide from Melbourne, through Canberra to Wollongong just south of Sydney. Areas to the south saw a full occultation.

note that the apparent size of Mars is approx. 75-100 x smaller than the moon

here are my pics of this event taken with a Canon S30 digital camera and a 10" Newtonian telescope on 7th October 2003:

0:15am camera zoom without telescope - getting closer! 

- damn that's close!!

2:39 am

- note how much the moon moved since last photo one minute earlier

2:52 am

moving away