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Olympus m.ZD 17mm f/2.8 pancake lens

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  • one of the 1st Olympus a catalogue of Micro Four Thirds lenses to be produced and thus has an older, slower AF mechanism and the optic quality is very average for a prime lens although central sharpness is very good.
  • very compact, cheaper and with nicer bokeh than the legendary Panasonic Lumix 20mm f/1.7 pancake lens but obviously is f/2.8 rather than f/1.7
  • users should consider the cheap but excellent Sigma 19mm f/2.8 EX DN asph lens for Micro Four Thirds as an alternative to this lens
  • although I own this lens, personally I would not advise users to buy it - get one of the above lenses instead
  • only slight (0.8%) barrel distortion when corrected by Olympus cameras but RAW distortion is quite bad at 4.5%
  • vignetting is mild at 0.8EV
  • substantial CA which is uncorrected (2.2px at f/2.8 increasing to 2.8px at f/5.6, and averages 3px at the edges)
  • prone to lens flare without a hood when shooting into bright lights
  • very sharp in the centre but borders only average and best at f/4 while corners are soft wide open and reach average at f/5.6


  • 17mm focal length = 34mm in 35mm film terms = very nice for street photography
  • f/2.8-f/22 aperture = an almost an extra stop light and DOF performance compared to the kit lenses
  • closest focus 20cm
  • lens extends slightly when powered up
  • 6 elements in 4 groups = high optical quality with reasonable bokeh
  • 71g
  • 57mm x 22mm long (pancake)


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