about me

I am a non-commercial photographer from Melbourne, Australia.

My tools include Canon 1D Mark III, Olympus OM-D E-M1, E-M5, and Olympus E510 & E330 digital SLRs, Canon tilt-shift lenses, Olympus ZD 7-14mm, 50mm f/2 macro, 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5, Leica-D 25mm f/1.4, Bronica SQAi medium format film, Mamiya C330F TLRs and more.

My website has an extensive range of tips, tutorials and links to help others with their photography and provides some many tips on choosing which camera to buy, in addition to a sample of my own personal photography.

As I am also a computer programmer using Delphi, I have created a free photography calculator for Windows that you can download and play with with.

For the locals in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (not Florida), there are links to weather and what’s on.

For visitors and travellers, there are pages on the local attractions and travel tips and info.

So, welcome to my blog and website and hope it is useful to you – I do not make any money from this blog and on purpose, I have avoided placing advertisements or nasty hidden links that send you to places I wouldn’t want to be sent to.

I am not selling anything anjd I am not sponsored by or paid by any photographic companies.

The content on this website is written in good faith by me and although I have my personal biases I try to make them self-evident.


Gary Ayton

email: GaryAyton1 at gmail.com

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