Grampians 2023 Sundial Peak walk

Written by Gary on February 28th, 2023

Sundial Peak walk

The Sundial Peak walk is a relatively easy 30-40min each way walk from the Sundial car park.

Most of the walk is a gentle uphill climb on good paths with some rocks which could get slippery in the rain and the last short section is a little steeper but the awesome views from the lookout are well worth the walk, especially at sunrise or sunset.

The following are some pics from my iPhone.

View from the lookout showing Halls Gap in the valley to the left of Lake Bellfield

I do not condone unnecessarily risky behaviours such as the above – being only 1 metre from a vertical drop is probably not really warranted – too many people have slipped and fallen to their deaths from doing such things.

The above photo shows the actual peak which is able to be climbed relatively easily after a bit of a scramble through some thicket and finding a way up the rocks to give you an even better 360deg panoramic view. There is NO path for this so obviously you only attempt this if you really feel you need to – the risks of a slip are far less than sitting on the edge of a cliff top, but still significant.

Finally, a B&W infrared image:


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