Nikon D90 coming soon

Written by Gary on August 27th, 2008

Bob Atkins has posted a blog on what appears to be the new Nikon DX dSLR.

Essentially the main features are:

  • 12.3 megapixels – thank goodness they didn’t go to Canon’s ridiculous 15mp!
  • 4.5fps
  • HD quality movies – a first in dSLRs and the way of the future
  • GPS geo tagging
  • face recognition AF in contrast detection live preview mode – personally I think this is too premature a technology on dSLRs and thus more of a marketing gimmick than real benefit
  • features derived from the D300 such as live preview, sensor cleaning, D-lighting (shadow detail enhancement), VGA HD LCD
  • To my mind, this is a much more sensible upgrade path than Canon’s 50D effort, but I guess only time will tell on this.

    At last Nikon have an entry level digital SLR with features that I feel are critical – live preview for accurate manual focus when needed and a dust removal system, pity it still doesn’t have a CCD-shift image stabiliser as with Olympus models.

    I am more looking forward to how Olympus will respond (hopefully maintain 10mp, improved noise, dynamic range, add HD movies with HDMI output, VGA LCD screen, 9 or 11 pt AF and 4-5 fps in their prosumer range), and perhaps more interestingly, how Canon responds to Nikon’s D700 with their much awaited 5D replacement.


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