Canon 5D MII announced at long last

Written by Gary on September 17th, 2008

Canon has finally announced specs for the long awaited upgrade to its entry level full frame dSLR camera, the 5D.

see’s preview

Essentially its a 21mp full frame (thus similar to the pro 1DsMIII) with some weather sealing, sensor dust removal, 3.9fps, live preview with contrast AF, quick AF, AF face detection and silent modes, as well as 1080p HD or VGA movies up to 4Gb, and a 3″ 920,000 dot LCD, auto-ISO selection mode at a list price of $US2699 for the body only.

It matches most of the features of the Nikon D700 full frame while upping the resolution ante to 21mp.

It gives comparable resolution to the new Sony A900 (25mp) full frame but with more features, and of course a broader range of accessories, in particular, lenses such as telephotos and tilt-shift.

And to top it off, it seems Canon is addressing some of its weaknesses by announcing a new EF 24mm f/1.4 lens which hopefully will go to some way to addressing its relative optical quality issues when compared to Nikon in the wide angle range of lenses.

Of course, unlike the Nikon D700, you cannot use lenses designed for cropped sensors (in the case of Canon, the EF-S lenses), but this should not be much of a loss anyway.

On paper, it seems like a winner, if you need a 21mp full frame dSLR.


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