Another tilt adapter for Micro Four Thirds – transform most Nikon lenses into tilt lenses

Written by Gary on September 23rd, 2010

LensBaby has just announced a “Tilt Transformer” adapter for use on Micro Four Thirds cameras (and later there will be one for Sony mirror-less cameras) which allows mounting Nikon lenses and using them as tilt lenses (but not shift lenses).

I would have preferred a Canon EOS mount so we can then use a secondary adapter to mount almost any lens onto it, but I guess Nikon lenses is a start!

In essence, it is a similar design to their Composer but this design allows the Composer lens to be removed and replaced with a Nikon lens – not a bad idea at all – but it will set you back $US350 for the Composer lens and adapter or $US250 for the adapter alone.

According to

  • Tilts up to twice as far as standard tilt-shift lenses making it possible to achieve more extreme blur falling off of a very thin slice of selective focus, as compared to the usual slice of focus width and focus fall-off of a typical tilt-shift lens.
  • Built-in mechanism allows Nikon G lenses to function properly at all apertures. Nikon G lenses do not have an aperture ring on the lens itself. This mechanism allows the aperture of Nikon G lenses to open and close by manually rotating the lens.

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