An Aussie’s 1st time in New York – part VIII – day trip to Philadelphia Museum of Art

Written by Gary on July 11th, 2011

I could not resist catching a 1 hour train to Philadelphia and taking a 20min walk in the rain to Philadelphia’s Museum of Art – made famous by the Rocky movie when Rocky trained by running up its steps.

Now the train to Philadelphia from New York’s Penn Station is ridiculously expensive – it cost my $49 one way and $89 on the way back, and that wasn’t even the express train! Furthermore, you will need photo ID such as passport or driver’s licence to purchase your tickets as your photo ID may be checked on the train – not the time to leave it in the hotel safe!

The day I visited the gallery, it was fortunately very quiet allowing me plenty of time to relax and take in all the wonderful art works, especially the Renoir’s which are my favorite. They also have a very nice restaurant in which to indulge yourself half way through your browsing.

Here are a few of the paintings taken with my Panasonic GH-1 Micro Four Thirds camera and Leica-D 25mm f/1.4 lens.

Two girls by Renoir c1892:

Large bather by Renoir 1905:
Renoir bather

This one is probably the best large painting in the gallery and takes pride of place – Renoir’s Large Bathers (1884-7):

large bathers


And one of the many Monet’s:


Salvador Dali’s 1936 comment of the Spanish Civil War’s destruction of his country:


Georgio de Chirico’s The Poet and his Muse from c1925:

de Chirico

Statue of Diana in the main hall by Augustus Saint-Gaudens 1892-4:


And the steps outside the gallery:


and Philadelphia CBD:


next post – New York farewell.


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