A quick close up portrait of a beautiful iridescent green-blue stag beetle using the Panasonic GH-1

Written by Gary on January 16th, 2012

I found this lovely beetle whilst going for a jog in a Eucalypt woodland near Melbourne and he obligingly sat on my hand for the long walk back to my car.

He wouldn’t let go of my camera bag and as I only had a couple of minutes to get a photo, here is what I had to come up with – apologies it wasn’t in its native environment. My wife let him go while I was out so I didn’t get another chance for a shot.

Nevertheless, all my trawling on the net and I haven’t been able to find one with the same blue on green colors.

I believe it belongs to the Lamprima spp. of the Lucanidae family and I guess it is a close relative of the Golden Green Stag Beetle.

Note the large mandibles.
stag beetle

Panasonic GH-1 Micro Four Thirds camera with Olympus ZD 50mm f/2.0 macro lens and Canon ring flash at f/16.

The ring flash was hand held away from the lens.

Some vignette added in Lightroom.


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