oops – the new Olympus OMD E-M1 high end Micro Four Thirds camera has been leaked

Written by Gary on August 19th, 2013

Check out the video link from 43rumors.com and you will see the E-M1 in action – link now removed after instruction to Engadget from Olympus.

For those who do own the superb Four Thirds lenses, this camera will at last allow them to capture images with a sensor that will extract the most from these awesome lenses with fast AF, plus give them the benefits of mirrorless live view shooting such as eye detect AF, 9fps burst rates, and 5 axis image stabiliser, which they have been missing in the Olympus Four Thirds dSLR system

  • of course some will gripe that there is no optical viewfinder but the quality and many benefits of the EVF should well and truly make up for this
  • will it be good enough to shoot birds in flight with continuous AF – we will have to see!

Full WiFi connectivity so you can see the Live View image on your smartphone or tablet and use it like the rear LCD screen on the camera – touch an area and it takes the shot (presumably AF on that subject first) then uploads the image almost instantly to the device in high resolution. PLUS you can change most settings including exposure mode right from your tablet.

Very cool indeed!

Nice hand grip to allow better ergonomics for larger lenses – I am going to love that – no need to buy the extra battery grip – unless you need portrait mode a lot.

Nice control layout, the 5-axis IS and for the first time in a Micro Four Thirds camera – fast AF with legacy Four Thirds lenses even those not optimised for CDAF thanks to the hybrid phase detect and contrast detect AF capable sensor – even using the current MMF-3 Four Thirds adapter.

And of course, it is weatherproof and now freeze proof to 14degF.

I will be looking forward to this new model, just hope it is not too expensive.

PS. the video link has now been taken down, so here are my predictions of the specs for this exciting new camera.


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