Olympus 7-14mm – now if only I had the Olympus E-30

Written by Gary on April 13th, 2009

On my recent visit to Brisbane, I took this photo of the former Bank of NSW building using my Olympus E-510 with ZD 7-14mm.

As with most architectural style shots, one of the issues is getting the whole building in, while at the same time avoiding the building having converging lines.

I managed to almost achieve this using this lens with the sensor plane as parallel to the building as I could before everyone started walking across the road or a car came through. This would have been easier had I had the Olympus E-30 and its vertical electronic spirit level in the view finder!

I have not used any perspective control to straighten the lines (although I did rotate it a tiny amount – another reason for getting the Olympus E-30’s electronic spirit level!), and it has been converted to B&W and had general tonal adjustment and the sides cropped a little but no other PS work.

This image required the 7mm focal length (14mm in 35mm terms) to achieve without getting significant converging lines of the building. It could also be achieved using a wide angle tilt-shift lens but none are currently made for Four Thirds, or, of course, you could point your camera upwards and then try to correct it all in PS.

Brisbane Bank of NSW


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