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All images on this website are copyright 2004 Gary & Anna Ayton. Contact me if you want prints from the originals.

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Eclipse on Jupiter Feb 2004 Canon S30

see Jupiter attacks our Moon Feb 2005

Mars near occultation by the moon in Melbourne, Australia October 2003 taken with Canon S30 handheld on a 10" Newtonian

see Mars attacks our Moon! Oct 2003

Comet c/2002 LINEAR T7 May 2004 taken with Olympus C-8080 tracked for 3min one shot, cropped

Halley's comet 1986 Olympus OM-1, 200mm f/5.6 lens, untracked, hand guided 3min 400ASA


transit of venus from Cairns, Queensland, Australia taken with Olympus C-8080 hand-held

see also Venus  


Total eclipse of the moon May 2004, 

see this page also for Aug 2007

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