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Olympus C-8080 digital camera in astrophotography

This 8 megapixel camera is a great camera for studio and landscape/scenery photography and whilst allowing for some use in astrophotography, it has many limitations for this.

Utility of the C-8080 in astrophotography:

Used with 1.4x Olympus teleconverter makes for a fast, high resolution, flat field, high quality optical system combined with 8 megapixel sensor which can be used for:

Limitations of the Olympus C-8080 for astrophotography:

1. limited to 196mm focal length f/3.5 telephoto via the Olympus 1.4x teleconverter which is expensive and also means that filters cannot be used as there is no thread on it.

2. BULB exposures require one to continually hold the button down on the infrared remote control facing the front of the camera. The other option is to buy the optional battery holder and a cable release, both of which are expensive.

3. not suitable for afocal method as:

4. it does not seem as sensitive as lower pixel cameras at its maximum sensitivity of 400ASA.

5. dark frame noise is excessive in long exposures which although the in camera dark frame subtraction noise reduction does a good job of removing this (requires an effective doubling of exposure time), it makes photography of deep sky objects difficult especially if light pollution is present which results in more rapid saturation of the pixels.

6. there is a BUG with some (?all) cameras in that when the manual focus is set to infinity at wide - medium focal lengths, distance objects are not in focus but need a -0.25 diopter lens attachment to make them in focus. Maximum focus seems to be at 3m. This is not a problem at telephoto.