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remote control of cameras

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Remote control of cameras


Olympus dSLRs:

Canon dSLRs:

Nikon dSLRs:

Comparison of wireless remotes:

model Quantum FW10W Canon LC-5 Canon WFT-E2A Nikon ML-3 Olympus RM-1    
type radio radio? IR? 100m line of sight WiFi radio IR line of sight IR line of sight    
shutter release most dSLR cameras (plus Bronica/OM with motor drives) EOS dSLR with N3 (ie. not XT) 1DMarkIII with PC Nikon dSLRs Olympus dSLRs, C8080    
end BULB exposure   N Y   Y (not all dSLRs)    
continuous shutter firing   Y Y   only if set on camera    
delay option   Y 3.5sec ?   only if set on camera    
camera wakeup dSLRs Y ?   N?    
shutter half-press dSLRs Y ?        
wireless flash trigger Quantum receiver N N N N    
wireless flash TTL Quantum receiver connected to Quantum flash and Nikon/Canon dSLR N N N N    
channels   3 n/a N N    
movement detection firing N N N Y N    
zoom lens N N ? N Y some cameras    
intervalometer N N (via remote cord though) Y N N