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relationship rescue

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Relationship Rescue

Dr Phillip McGraw



Are you ready for change?

The Seven Steps of Relationship Rescue:

  1. define & diagnose where your relationship is now - you can't change what you don't acknowledge.
  2. get rid of wrong thinking - forget the "myths"
  3. discover the negative attitudes and behaviours & the specific ways to do irreparable harm to your own relationship with yourself
  4. internalise a set of "Personal Relationship Values" that will become the new foundation for your relationship life
  5. learn the formula for a successful relationship - but this can only be achieved after the 1st 4 are done.
  6. begin the reconnection process
  7. learn how to manage your relationship once you have reconnected with your partner.

Defining the problem:

Blow up the myths:

Eliminate your bad spirit:

Reclaim your core:

The formula for success:

Reconnecting with your partner:

14 days of loving with honesty:

Reference: Relationship Rescue. Dr Phillip McGraw. Vermilion. 2000.