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The Potentially Suicidal Person


Risk assessment - is someone you know at risk and not seeking help?:

Low risk Medium risk High risk
1. Suicidal ideation or risk to others vague thoughts that life is not worth living prominent thought but activities distract them constant/very frequent thoughts. May be intrusive.
2. suicide plan

    a.) details

vague some specifics well thought out, knows when & where

    b) availability of means

none have close by have in hand
    c) time no specific time within a few hours or tonight immediately
    d) lethality of method non-lethal drugs, slash wrists gas, drugs/alcohol, car accident gun, hanging, jumping
    e) chance of intervention others present most of time others present if called upon no-one nearby, precautions taken against discovery
3. previous attempts none or low lethality multiple low-medium risk multiple medium or one high lethality
4. stress no significant stress moderate reaction to loss/changes severe reaction to loss/changes
5. symptoms
    a) coping behaviour daily activities continue as normal some disruption gross disturbances in daily functioning
    b) depression mild moderate, disturbed eating/sleeping overwhelmed with hopelessness, sadness & feels worthless
    c) psychosis no symptoms may have delusions, hallucinations command hallucinations &/or delusions related to death
6. support resources available & willing to help available but unwilling or inconsistent not available, hostile or exhausted
7. communication direct expression of feelings & suicidal intent interpersonalised suicidal goal 'I'll show them" very direct expression of internalised goal
8. lifestyle stable relationships & family recent acting out & substance abuse; acute suicidal behaviour in unstable personality difficulties with peers & family. suicidal behaviour in unstable personality
9. medical status no significant problem acute but short term or psychosomatic problem chronic illness or acute catastrophic illness
10. hope of change yes possible no hope, feel totally helpless
11. drug/alcohol use absent recreational, self-medication dependence abuse

Other suicidal risk assessment measures:


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